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Welcome to Child Charity Center

Child Charity Center is a non-governmental , apolitical, secular and non-profitable organization was established on December, 07 , 2017 in the brain child Mr.RY REN  Fundraiser and his dedicate oneself to education colleagues for the benefit to those less fortunate within the poor community, Child Charity Center provides life-changing education, Vocations to our local vulnerable children whose ages raging from 5-16 within most destitute communities in Siem Reap, Angkor Wat , Cambodia.


CHILD CHARITY CENTER will be the best place of providing education to poor, rural, orphaned and homeless children. And the people have not attended school to have quire necessary skills.

It is the hope of the Child Charity to provide the following

1-Assemblage to access free quality education for all children and adults in Siem Reap area.

2-Community involvement and believer in our work from the past, now and future.

3- Career to create opportunity to have better life for Cambodian children.

4- Focus on education and sponsorship to all underprivileged and poor children.


-Child Charity Center’s Vision is to provide free educations, sponsorship, stationary, food, clothes, and support for sustainable villages in rural areas of Siem Reap.

-To give free education to the poor families, homeless, orphaned, and in certain situation to learn about their society and achieve their goals in the future.

-To teach the children to become good citizens that can help themselves and their societies positively.

-To help them see the world clear.

-To strengthen their ability as a citizen of Cambodia.

-To teach them to develop their potential and pass on the gained knowledge to other generations.


-Quality , Responsibility and development

-To be lawful, Moral, Optimistic and Obedient.

-To communicate as worldwide freely, Society and others..

-Almost 300 children from the local community receive school uniforms, school material and where applicable, scholarships.