Become a Volunteers

Become a Volunteers

There are many ways in which you can help the Child Charity Center, one of which being through volunteering your time and knowledge. The Child Charity Center aims to break the cycle of poverty through providing education in Computer Skill, English as a means of increasing employment opportunity later in life.

We encourage energetic. Passionate volunteers to come and teach in our English classes.

What will I do as a volunteer in Child Charity Center?

As a volunteer, you can share your expertise of the Computer, English language classes and having a fun with them. We also offer tours to the temples which you can join.

Who can volunteer?

Anyone all over the world over the age of 18 can come to volunteer at Child Charity Center. You don’t have to have teaching degree however we ask that you have a strong understanding of the language you want to teach. If you share a love f children and are passionate and appreciate about improving the lives of the children who study with us, then you’ll be welcomed into our program.

Do I need to make my own teaching schedule?

Our full – time Cambodian teachers already have a teaching schedule which was provided to them by the Organization’s Education Department. With the guidance of our teacher, you can work together in bringing new energy to the classroom through providing the children with the best possible education.

Classes are taught from 8:30 am – 6:30 pm with several breaks during the day. You can join in whenever you want.

Do I need to do anything before I arrive?

We do ask that everyone wishing to volunteer with the Child Charity Center does some fundraising for the organization before arriving in Siem Reap. There is no minimum amount you need to raise in order to volunteer, but we ask you to rise as much as you can for some reasons:

We do need more funds for our organization’s programs and just like any school in any community, we need more resources including textbooks, markers, Ink, laptops, and funds to support our scholarship students through high school.

How can I enroll myself as a volunteer?

You can also contact us and ask any questions if you need to.

-E-mail: /

-Tel: (+855)15 32 85 40 / 71 67 47 242

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