About Programs

About Programs

The focus of Child Charity Center is ‘free education for all’ as the founder recognizes the vital role education plays in helping break the cycle of poverty. Most families in Tnol Bark, kerimenoun, Trapean Run and Tapang villages can nit afford public school fees, books or uniforms, and many children are needed at home to mind younger siblings while their parents or older siblings attend work or in fact work themselves to support their family. The Child Charity Center offers free education to all, proving uniforms, school bags and all resources necessary for their education.

The school consists of two classrooms of around 80 children who are enrolled in classes that are open every day with the support of three teachers. Our English teachers each conduct English classes of about 1 hour per group.

The average low – income Cambodian household earns somewhere between $ 50 to $ 70 US a month. Although parents know that education is the important to fight poverty. Other priorities such as food and shelter take precedence and education often comes third.

Since the town of  Siem Reap is a major tourist destination attracting almost the million visitors every year, proficiency in English will increase the student’s opportunities for employment. There are some major roadblocks to receiving a good education: few government schools provide good education service and private schools charge high fees which mots Cambodian families are unable to afford. Your helpful donation to Child Charity Center will back the school in providing an English education in General English and Computer skill also.

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